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Escape Rooms are a great way to encourage team-building relationships.

“Successful teams work together, communicate well, and use delegation, to tackle the challenges in the room.”

(Nicholson, S. (2015). Peeking behind the locked door: A Survey of escape room facilities. White paper available at

Would you like to observe your staff in a team-building setting to see how they interact in a challenging situation? You can observe your team from our Control Room alongside our Game Masters.

You may want to change up the normal group dynamics and observe how different staff members communicate with other staff members they normally don’t work with.  You may observe who becomes a natural leader.

The reasons for wanting to bring your team to play our escape rooms are as unique as your staff.  The information that can be learned is immeasurable, and what better way to gather that information than through a fun experience.

Escape games can foster better communication and provide a shared common experience to help bond team members.

What we offer…

Whether your team is small or large, we can accommodate your needs.

Room Options:

  • You can put your team in numerous rooms to play at the same time. (2-6 players in each)

  • You can put your team together in one room (6-12 players)
  • You can split your team into two groups and have them play identical rooms where

          they race each other as well as the clock to see who can escape first. (8-14 players)

  • Presently, we can accommodate up to 56 players in the facility at one time, in multiple rooms.

Team-Building Workshop

In Addition to playing our escape room games, we offer an additional team-building  service.  Joe Giordano, from Consulting Training Development Services, in Salisbury, MD,  can conduct a team-building workshop for your staff in our Events Room either before or after the escape game experience.  Please ask about how this service can be customized for your group.



Event Room

In addition to the escape rooms, our facility has an Event Room available to rent for parties, follow-up debriefing and After-Action Review, to have meetings, catered lunch, etc.  The room includes a private bathroom, and refrigerator for outside food to be brought in, in addition to tables and chairs.  Please inquire about additional fees and information.