Our Rooms


Under The Sea

Scuba Sam found treasure during his last diving exploration, but he couldn’t bring it all back with him.  But, now he has a big problem.  He can’t remember where the treasure was!  Can you help Scuba Sam solve all the puzzles and find all the clues so he can find his lost treasure before it’s to late and it gets washed away?

Players: 2 – 6          Time:  30 minutes

Price:  $23 per person

NOTE:  Recommended for children between 5 and 9 years old.




Tiki Torture

You and your friends are on vacation in the Caribbean when you decide to take a boat tour to a small island. While exploring, you stumble across a Tiki Hut.  Legend has it that One-eye Crabby Jack was a captain on the Sea Rat, a notorious pirate ship, but there was a mutiny and the crew stranded him on an island around here. Could this be the island? Could this be One-eye Crabby Jack’s hut? If so, could there be treasure here? The tour boat is leaving in one hour.  Can you figure out this mystery before you have to leave the island?

Players:  2- 6          Time: 60 minutes          Level: Beginner

Price:  $25 per Adult            $23 per Child (5-9 years old)

NOTES: No street shoes allowed.  Flip-flops are recommended for play. 


zombie carnival pixabay

Zombie Carnival

A new Zombie-themed carnival!  What could be better? I mean, zombies, fun, games, and anyway, it’s all fake, right? You and your friends decide to go and have some fun.  It’ll be great! You’re really excited, until you enter through the door and it gets locked behind you! You try not to panic, but you know the carnival closes in an hour.  Rumor has it  after the park closes, the zombies actually come to life.  You and your friends must find a way out before the gates close and you become a midnight snack! Can you get out before you’re stuck here all night?

Players: 2 – 8 players          Time:  60 minutes            Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Price: $25 per person

NOTE: May not be suitable for children under 10 years old. 



Im”POE”sible Escape

You’re part of the local theater company.  It’s opening night in their most recent production which showcases Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous works. You’re really excited and nervous, but realize there’s something very wrong.  The director and producer are missing! You and the other actors frantically search for them backstage.  While checking the Props Room, the door suddenly slams shut!  You’re locked inside the props room and the curtain is due to go up in one hour!  Can you find your way out and find the others before showtime? 

Players:  2 – 6 players          Time: 60 minutes           Level: Intermediate

Price: $25 per person


asylum1 pixabay

Seascape Asylum

You work for the State Department of Mental Health, Criminal Division.  There have been a lot of complaints about misconduct at the Seascape Asylum, so your agency has sent in an undercover agent to determine if this is true.  But now, your agent’s in trouble. Your supervisor sends you and your team of investigators to rescue your agent before the staff finds out who he really is. While some of your team keep the staff busy, the others go straight to the lab where your agent’s left clues indicating where to find him. You figure you have about an hour.  Can your team sort through the clues and locate your agent before the staff catches on, or will you be mistaken for patients and get locked in too?

Players:  6 – 12 players          Time: 60 minutes          Level: Intermediate

Price:  $25 per person

NOTE: Adult supervision required for children under 14 years old.


police crime scene

Dakota’s Apartment Crime Scene

You and your team of investigators from the local Crime Response Unit have been called to a crime scene at an apartment complex to figure out a suspicious death.  This is a complicated case,because the victim is a Private Investigator.   Your superior has informed you that the FBI has also been called in to investigate.  Your department and the FBI don’t play well.  You never have.  This is your chance to show them up!  You are given first shot at the crime scene and your are determined to solve this case before they do.  You have about an hour, maybe a little more, to collect all the evidence you need and figure out who killed the victim. Can you and your team collect all the evidence you need to solve the crime before time runs out and you’re forced to work with the FBI?

Players:  6 – 10  players         Time:  70 minutes             Level: Intermediate/Difficult

Price:  $27 per person


brain v braun pixabay

Brains vs. Brawn 

Are you competitive?   Do you like to win and rub it in your friend’s faces?  Then this is the game for you!  This one is a little different than the others.  You’re racing the clock AND the other team!  The players are split into two groups. Your goal is to escape your room before the other team escapes theirs.  This is a highly competitive game that matches wits against warriors. Can your team outsmart the other team and escape your room and claim full bragging rights?  Be sure to check the leader board when you’re finished.  

Players:  8 – 14 players          Time: 70 minutes             Level: Difficult

Price $27 per person



fallout pixabay

Industrial Fallout

The chemical waste treatment plant had a little….mishap.  At least that’s what they’re telling the press.  But you and your disaster clean-up team know the real story.  You were brought in to retrieve top secret documents that are stored in the facility’s underground.  Seems simple enough, but there’s one problem. Due to the toxic nature of the surroundings, you will only have one hour to retrieve the documents before your neurological system is compromised from too much exposure to the toxic gas. Your team must work together and work quickly! Can you get out in time?

haunted house Pixabay

Grandma’s Attic

You’re on the reunion planning committee and know there are a lot of photos you can use to design memory boards for everyone to see. The photos are stored in your grandma’s attic.  You ask a few friends to help you find them. However, when you get in the attic, the door shuts and locks! Your family always talked about weird unexplained things going on at grandma’s house.  You try to keep your cool, but want desperately to get out! You vaguely remember your grandmother telling you when you were young that the key to the door is SOMEWHERE in the attic, but where?? You must find the key to get out.  Your lives may depend on it!

The Tourist Trap

It’s the trip of a lifetime! That’s what your friends promised when they planned this surprise trip for you.  The only thing is, you don’t know where you’re going.  They’re keeping it a surprise! You all arrive at your destination and you realize someone has switched your luggage.  You and your friends find yourself on an international mystery.  Can you solve the mystery and find your way back home?